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Photo Gallery

Caroline Hanson and Flare, her Golden Retriever

Ash, plotting some mischief.


Farrah Nuff, a mixed breed, and Stephanie Cross


Nibbles, a mixed breed, and Diane Thornton

John Dinse has his Australian Shepherd, Rosie, practice the See-Saw.


John Dinse and Jackson, a mixed breed, cool off after agility practice


Pembroke Welch Corgi, handled by John Dinse, tops the big A-Frame.

Dave, in his famous hat,  judging at the National Finals

Benny, a Schnauzer, owned by Becky McBryde, looks determined to clear that jump.

Angie, an Australian Shepherd, handled by Bud Fackleman, exits the chute.

Justen is enrolled in Pre-Agility Class.  He is trying to teach his handler, Joanne Fenniger, some new moves. 


Training Ground on Scenic Valley Rd.

Linore Cleveland's Puli, Kerge, has his cords flying as he takes a jump.

Tom, a border Collie, owned by Kate Fackleman, clears a jump with space to spare!

Rowdy, a Havanese, handled by Cheri Rippee, likes the weave polls.

Here is Rowdy again.  This time jumping through the tire.

TAS, an Aussie, was another of our agility dogs. She is now waiting at the Rainbow Bridge.

Rookie, a Havanese, jumps for his handler, Cheri Rippee

Joanne Fenninger and Pepper show off their first place and qualifying ribbons at an ASCA Trial.

Joanne Fenninger urges Pepper, a miniature Piebald Dachshund,  over the A-Frame.

Beth Turner's big black Labrador Retriever, Leroy, really can jump!

A Border Collie, Elly, handled by Marilyn St. James, flies through the weave poles.

Sandy Slater gets Tanner, her Golden Retriever, to weave for his ball.

Look at that big Golden grin on Tanner's face.

Casper, a miniature Dachshund, weaves for his handler, Darleen Allan.


The Dog Ladies group loves their Deserts!

Lunch at the Antler Grill.  Joanne Fenniger, Elizabeth Baker, Cathy Learoyd, Caroline Hanson, Linore Cleveland, Darleen Allan.

Dave's Ash, training on the table.


Joanne Fenniger's Justen is having a bad hair day at the windy Bark for Life.

Cynosports Judges, 2012.  Dave is 3rd from the left in the back.


Lori Megli's Clint clears the jump with ears flying.



Last Updated 10/19/2012