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Event Brags:     Placements,
Qs, new titles, etc. earned at a trials


June, 2011

Nimbus and Dave completed the Performance Dog Championship!

May, 2012

Kerge and Linore Cleveland Earned Kerge's OA and his first 2 legs for his AXJ at the Den Tex Agility Club trial in Ft. Worth.

Rowdy and Cherri Rippee went 6 for 6 in the same trial.

June, 2012

Tori Lewis and Stormie earned the WTCH title!  Congrats.

August, 2012

Dave and Ash earned his first Q at the TWANG ASCA trial.  Ash placed first in Novice Jumpers.

September, 2012

At Happy Hounds USDAA trial, Ash earned a Q and 2nd place in Starters Jumpers.

October, 2012

Lora Megli's Clint did well at the ADOC AKC trial.  On Saturday, Clint got Q's in Novice FAST, with a 2nd place, and Novice Standard, with a 1st place.  On Sunday, he took home Q's in both Novice Standard and Jumpers, with 1st places in each.  Well done Clint and Lora!

Hank and Tori Lewis were very successful at the ASCA show, earning 8 Q's in all.  One was her very first Q ever in Gamblers.  All those Q's gave Hank titles in Novice Regular and Novice Jumpers!

The ASCA Trial was Stormie's first agility trial.  She and Tori earned 2 Q's in Novice Regular. 

At Dallas Dog Sports trial, Dave and Ash earned 5 first places and 1 second place. Their one Q was in Starters snooker, with a perfect score of 51. Way to go, guys!

November, 2012

Luci Seaux and Rahnee entered their first trial in AKC.  On Saturday in Standard they had a perfect run with 1st place and a Q.  On Sunday, the team earned 1st and a Q in JWW, and 1st and a Q in Standard.  Good job!

Ash and Dave are doing well in ASCA.  Ash earned his novice titles in Standard, Gamblers and Jumpers.  He is now in Open.

December, 2012

At the DASH USDAA trial, Dave and Ash earned 3 Q's.  They were first in Starters Standard with a Q, second in Starters Snooker (NQ), 2nd in Starters Gamblers with a Q and 3rd place in Starters Jumpers with a Q.

At the Hill Country Agility trial, both Nimbus and Ash ran.  Nimbus earned 2 first places and Qs in Veterans Jumpers and Veterans Snooker. Ash was 2nd in Starters Gamblers with a Q, Qed  in Starters Pairs with Linore Cleveland and Kerge. He was 1st in Starters Snooker, 1st in Jumpers, and 1st in pairs with Antonio Nolesco from Mexico; all three classes were Qs.

That pairs leg with Ash moved Linore Cleveland and Kerge closer to the AD title.  they are only one Standard leg away!  Wishing good luck to this team in April.

At the USDAA trial at Belton, Ash and Dave took 2 firsts and Qed in Starters Snooker and Starters Pairs. These Q's finished their titles in Starter Snooker and Pairs! They moved up to Advanced Pairs and got a 2nd and a Q. In Starters Gamblers, they were third with a Q for a title there, too. Well done, Dave and Ash.

Rowdy and his handler, Cheri Rippee, competed in Orlando, FL, at the Eukanuba National Agility Invitational as the #2 ranked Havanese in the USA.  WOW!  He had 3 out of 4 perfect runs and finished in the top half of the 8" dogs.  Rowdy is also qualified for the AKC National Agility Championship in March in Tulsa.  This team is doing great!

January, 2013

Tori Lewis and Stormie ranked #7 Advanced Sheep in the ASCA Merit Standings for last year.  Very proud of them. They publish the top 10.  It was just announced in the Aussie Times (quarterly publication).

At the ADOC trial, Ash placed 2nd and Qed in Novice B JWW.  He also Qed in Regular T2B.

Luci Seaux and Rahnee, her King Charles Spaniel, are doing well.  At Capital Dog Training Club in Austin, Rahnee got her AKC JWW Open Title.  She is only one Q from her AKC Open Agility Title.  Way to go!

Lora Megli and her Clint now have NA, NAJ, NF titles.and one leg in OA. Good job Lora and Clint.

At the AKC trial in Belton, Cricket, a Havanese handled by Cheri Rippee earned her first two Qs in Masters Preferred JWW with a first and third place and 28 PACH points at the trial in Belton last weekend. The first weekend of January in San Antonio she competed in Masters JWW and Masters Standard and earned two Qs and 22 MACH points. To date Cricket has earned AX and AXJ titles and has 52 MACH points.

February, 2013

Dave and Ash competed at the BRAT show.  They came home with 5 titling class Q's.  First place in Advanced Jumpers, 1st in Advanced Snooker, 1st in Advanced Pairs3rd in Starters Standard, 4th in Advanced Jumpers, and a Q in TEAM Snooker for LLA points.



Last Updated 02/17/2013